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Advertiser-Publisher Cooperation

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We have already discussed how advertisers should start working with affiliate networks, how to make an appealing offer and how to attract publishers. But attracting publishers is not the final destination as advertisers need also to cooperate with them. Advertisers are able to select publishers both in the beginning (via manual or automatic moderation) and while working with them. Some advertisers don’t set up moderation giving a chance to all publishers to try driving traffic to the offer and depending on the results of a trial period they decide whether to disconnect the publisher or to keep working with him. Now let’s see which parameters are essential to check while selecting publishers.

Automatic. An advertiser sets a filter, and the applications which don’t fulfill requirements will stay processed until the advertiser manually approves/declines the application. It makes the process much faster both for publishers and advertisers. However, it has the drawback — some ad spaces which could be driving target traffic will be screened out. While setting up the “autoaccept” the advertiser can choose relevant ad space type or publisher level which will be joined to the offer without manual approval. The requirements can be as simple (accept everybody) or sophisticated (for example, only websites and publishers of the AD1 level and higher).

Manual. In this case, the publisher will be joined only after manual approval by the advertiser. To perform moderation manually, you need to go to the section “publishers” — “on hold”. Then you proceed to the list where you can see all publishers who have applied for joining the offer. This list indicates the account level, publisher login in the system, name and type of the ad space, the ad space URL, date of request and status. An advertiser can click on the ad space name and check the information on how the publisher is going to promote the offer.